vrijdag 11 december 2015

Linda 032

The first owner of these fine bifocals was an lady from the Cardiff area in Wales. She had a rather unusual prescription, the difference between both lenses being three diopters. This can create major problems as the image seen through the left lens is noticeably smaller than the image through the right lens. Most opticians consider this three diopter gap the upper limit for glasses. Anyone with a higher difference is advised to go for contact lenses. It's easy to imagine that contact lenses were no option for the first owner of the glasses. The strong reading add suggests that she was probably in her seventies. Linda is the first model who posed in these bifocals from Wales and she was clearly pleased when I gave her a couple of compliments about the trick with the reading segment and her looks in these glasses. The color combination is perfect. Also, the major difference in Rx between both lenses creates a flattering image by adjusting the slightly uneven size of the model's eyes. One of the nice aspects of my photography project is that the glasses in my collection are getting a second life, making another lady happy, if only for a minute or two. Linda was forced to hold the big hat with one hand to ensure that the strong wind could not blow it away, but she was not bothered by this minor inconvenience. Women are masters at multitasking, especially when overladen with sincere compliments about their posing and their looks. It's the photographer's Holy Grail to keep it that way.

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