maandag 14 december 2015

Linda 049

Two dozen models posed in these magnificent Flair glasses before Linda but she has the scoop of posing in the combination with the giant pink hat. The gradual transition between bowl and carrier lens can be seen in this portrait. Note the elongated shape of the model's right eye. This is caused by the magnifying effect of the positive carrier lens.
The first owner of the Flair glasses was a German lady with slowly increasing high myopia. Her prescription was minus eleven in the mid / late 1970's. She bought her first blended myodisc glasses in the early / mid 1980's but changed to high index lenses in the late 1980's. Apparently this was not an improvement so she switched back to blended myodiscs when she got the Flair glasses.
"Quiet, bordering to serene" was how a visitor of my first exhibition described the posing style of my models in extremely strong minus glasses and this applies to this fine portrait of Linda as well. She expressed beforehand that it would be no problem for her to pose in glasses of minus fifteen. There was no boasting in her statement. Linda is a talented author with several excellent books (in various genres) to her credit. As a result, she has the power of introspection and imagination, two key parameters for a good photo shoot in strong glasses. Big compliment to Linda!

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