maandag 12 oktober 2015

Newspaper article (interview) about "Ladies behind crystal veil"

On August 22th, I did a couple of concerts at SAIL Amsterdam, accompanying a shanty choir called "ClipperS Crew" on the tin whistle. A lovely journalist called Marjon Kok attended the concerts and the choir director (a former Eurovision Song Festival winner in 1975) sent her to me for a talk. After a while, the journalist said that my life story would make a fine newspaper article all by itself. She called to the house last week and sure enough, we talked until the cows came home. The article appeared in the newspaper "Tubantia Twentsche Courant" (circulation: 137.000) on October 9th. The vast majority of the article is about my photography project "Ladies behind crystal veil". A slide show exhibition will be opened tomorrow in "De Vrijhof" art gallery in Enschede.
Models shown are:
- top row (L to R): Simona, Iris, Sohaila, Daisy, Marieke and Lydia
- second row (L to R): Sandra, Iris, Nel, Farishta and Marieke
- middle "row": Beata (between my feet) and Nel (in my hand, the very first photo I ever saw of her)
- lower row, upside down (L to R): Emma, Sohaila, Nadya, Jennifer, Esther, Sohaila, Iris, Leah and Juliette

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