vrijdag 24 juli 2015

Mirjam 080

This fine portrait of lovely Mirjam posing in blended myodisc glasses marks the end of a wonderful photo shoot. Mirjam is the 64th Lady behind crystal veil.

A word of thanks goes to Ton, the present owner of the former ice cream factory, for the repeated use of his premises. Much appreciated!

Dear Mirjam, you are not fond of long speeches so I will try and keep it short. It was a real pleasure to work with you. Doing a photo shoot was a new experience but it took just a few minutes to get into your stride as a model.

What struck me is your ability to manage a natural, credible look in strong prescription glasses. The direct eye contact in your "en face" portraits is second to none.

It's always interesting to compare a new model's looks "off scene" and in front of the camera. Many of your portraits are consistent with your facial expression in daily life. Several other portraits have a touch of sweet melancholy that is "unlike the everyday Mirjam" but all the same, very attractive.

You took instructions quite well and this yielded many beautiful portraits. However, in my opinion your main talent is free style posing.

After finishing this photo shoot, you remarked that modelling is hard work. Indeed t is, especially during a first photo shoot. But you managed bravely and with splendid results. The quality of your posing is amazing and so is the variety in it.

It was a wise decision to do the photo shoot in one hour, just before your tank was empty. We agreed to do another one hour shoot in the near future, so that the other selected glasses can be used. An outdoor location would be nice. I look forward to that.

Thank you, Mirjam, and till next time!

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