woensdag 22 juli 2015

Mirjam 035

Needless to say, Zenni also caters for the black hipster style that finally put an end to the rather dull retro era in frame design. When this revolution was seen in the streets five years ago, I felt relief, just relief. The monotony of the new wave in fashion might lose its impact soon, but anything was better than what was dictated during the 1990's and 2000's. Five years later, the streets are still full of girls sporting black hipster glasses. High time to reflect on the question: what created this revolution in the first place? During a long discussion over a bottle of Jack Daniels, my mentor in photography came up with an interesting theory. He is half my age. His line of thought is that pictures of the late Buddy Holly somehow spread on the social media super fast and everyone wanted a pair of glasses like his. Readers are invited to come up with alternative theories....

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