vrijdag 24 juli 2015

Mirjam 079

It's easy to imagine the delight felt by the first owner when she collected her new glasses and had a first look in the mirror. No cut in, no power rings.... The tiny "half moon" image next to the model's right eye is another characteristic peculiar to blended myodisc lenses. The half moon is the image of the model's dark hair, surrounded by the carrier lens that catches the light.
Blended myodisc glasses create fascinating pictures but they are really at their best in motion. Six video clips were made at the opening of my first photo exhibition with "Ladies behind crystal veil". Ten models gave a brilliant catwalk performance at the opening and Mirjam was one of the catwalk models. My life partner Nel has a prescription of minus twelve. She can be seen wearing this pair of blended myodisc glasses on You Tube (user name Lentilux).

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