woensdag 22 juli 2015

Mirjam 008

Unlike her father, mother and sister, Mirjam enjoys perfect eyesight. The only occasions in which she experienced slight vision trouble was when driving a car at night. She paid a visit to a well known opticians chain but the optometrist refused to do a proper eye exam, stating that her eyesight was too good for that. Apparently the optometrist was unaware that many people need a slight correction for night driving. Usually -0.50 is enough but it can be a bit more. Mirjam mentioned the frustrating visit to the optician and I suggested to do an eye test with her at night. My life partner Nel drove the car and Mirjam was sitting next to her. I was in the back seat, equipped with half a dozen prescription glasses and a trial frame with lenses. We only needed a quarter of an hour to find out the proper prescription and I ordered a pair at Zenni's. When she got the glasses, Mirjam said that they gave her a feeling of safety. I'm still puzzled by the ignorance of the optometrist....

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