woensdag 28 oktober 2015

Emma 040

Shortly after starting the project in 2009, I discovered Zenni and ordered half a dozen of their glasses for use at photo shoots only. Buying new prescription glasses online was a bit of a gamble but the glasses arrived in fine order. Equally important, my models liked them and many are now wearing Zenni glasses in daily life. I have been ordering with Zenni ever since and my collection now hosts well over a hundred of their glasses.
The vast majority of this contemporary collection is fitted with lenses of -8.00. This was a deliberate choice from my side. Minus eight is a very photogenic prescription. Slightly stronger than the "upper limit" of prescription glasses seen in the streets but still far from extreme. Prescription glasses look slightly milder in portraits than in real life. At minus eight, there is a fine balance between the frames and the effect of the lenses. In my view, this balance is essential in a photography project about prescription glasses. So much nicer than the promotional photos seen in the windows of opticians shops. More realistic as well. After all, the vast majority of glasses are bought by people who need them to improve their eyesight. So what's the use of showing models posing in empty frames or in frames with plano lenses? It's a bit silly to show only half the product opticians are trying to sell to their customers. It would be nice to have a proper discussion with some opinion leaders in the glasses industry about the pros and cons of their marketing policy.

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