donderdag 29 oktober 2015

Emma 110 - 116

Portraits are usually taken to make a statement on their own but sometimes a series tells us more than the individual portraits.
Imagine to yourself a young lady from New York who just landed in a small German town. Curiosity driven, she decides to go for a solitary walk and explore her new surroundings. Against sunset, she arrives in a deserted place with a weird mix of modern artifacts, surrounded by relics of industrial activity from the distant past. She is studying one of the artifacts but suddenly becomes aware that someone is standing next to her. Her initial reaction ("What d'ya want?") is gradually changing into relief when she points her head towards the stranger who turns out to be familiar to her.
This series of seven photos was taken well within half a minute. Nothing is left out. There was no need. It's yet another example of Emma's remarkable talent as a model. All the ingredients are there. Beauty, intuition, brains, and an open mind. Emma, you are a gem!

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