donderdag 29 oktober 2015

Emma 117 - 118

Emma and the rock climbers.... Taken with my spare camera, these two photos mark the end of the photo shoot in Gronau. Or, to be more precise, they mark the end of the first half. Emma and I agreed to continue the photo shoot on a location in nearby Epe within a few weeks. So I kept the results of the first half until finishing and editing the photo shoot in Epe. To be continued....
By the way, our photo shoot on the location in Gronau caught the attention of some young men hanging around near the artifacts. Two of them grabbed their courage together and requested to be portrayed with my beautiful model. Emma felt comfortable with this so I took a couple of pictures after we finished the photo shoot. The pictures did not come out to my satisfaction so they are not included in this documentary. But it was a boost to my talented model to get these requests during her first photo shoot ever. Dear Emma, it's safe to predict that admirers will be queuing up for you if you choose to pursuit a career in modelling!

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