vrijdag 30 oktober 2015

Emma 207 - 208

A few dance steps can do miracles when it's getting chilly. It happened two years ago during the photo shoot with Nigerian beauty queen Osi. We did the first part of her epic photo shoot in the King's Inn gardens in the heart of Dublin, closely watched by half a dozen gardeners who held an extended conference about how and where to plant new narcissus. Needless to say, this conference took place just a few meters from the spot where Osi and I were at work. The photos were taken in a sitting position, picknick style, with a tripod between us. After a while, our limbs were getting a bit stiff so I suggested to Osi that we could take a short break and do a bit of dancing. You should have seen the faces of the gardeners :). Anyway, they took the silent hint and returned to work.
Here Emma is treating us with a few steps, not for the entertainment of gardeners but simply to get warm again. It worked, even in very strong glasses!

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