woensdag 28 oktober 2015

Emma 046 - 047

But let's talk glasses and modelling.... Emma is posing here in one of the first Zenni glasses in my collection. The frame was available in burgundy red and in transparent / white but long out of stock. Six years ago I would have described the frame size as average. Nowadays the frame looks tiny as the streets are filled with young ladies sporting large, solid, black hipster glasses. Sometimes one gets the impression of a new mono culture in eyewear. The whims of fashion.... The black hipster style has spread over many parts of the world. Nel and I just returned from a week on the beautiful island of Crete (Greece) and the black hipster style is just as predominant as elsewhere in Europe. But there is no reason to complain about the new uniformity - everything is better than the dull retro style dictated throughout the 1990's and 2000's!
The black hipster style was not top down directed by brands or opticians, it's a bottom up wave that spread via the social media. It's a hopeful sign that many opticians now have a nice variety of styles in their shop windows, including cat eye frames.
Emma did not need much time to get used to the -8.00 lenses in the Zenni glasses. The two portraits shown here testify to that. The model's direct eye contact with her avid photographer is natural and credible - just as if these are her own glasses. Big compliment!

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