maandag 28 oktober 2013

Juliette 132 - 133

Mission accomplished.... Juliette showing the characteristic "S" shape created by the bowl and the carrier lens. The quiet, almost serene atmosphere in this portrait is great.

This extreme yet beautiful portrait concludes this most enjoyable photo shoot. Juliette is the 49th Lady behind Crystal Veil.

Juliette, it was my pleasure to work with you! I saw your nice portfolio on Model Mayhem shortly before my stay in Ireland, during a week full of logistics and packing. All the portraits in your portfolio were portraits in glasses and you wrote in your profile about your interest in anything vintage, especially from the 1940's and 1950's. Inviting you for a photo shoot looked like a win win situation and I was delighted that you accepted the invitation. You prepared yourself well for the photo shoot and once it started, you took directions quite well. The natural flavor in your appearance and posing was really like a bit of fresh air. During the selection of the glasses, it was immediately obvious that you have a preference and taste all of your own. This is often the case with models who wear glasses in daily life but you were remarkably articulate about this. Good! I'm glad that the three shoe boxes filled with glasses contained enough frames to your liking. When it came to the glasses for the second part of the shoot, you relied on my opinion and I was delighted to see that your posing lost nothing of its quality although you only saw a massive blur. On the contrary, some of the very best ("eye contact"!) portraits were taken during the second half. And in my humble opinion, the final series in blended myodisc glasses was an especially glorious one. All too fast, we were running out of time so there was no time to try a variety of modern glasses, but hopefully we can give those a try in the near future. Meanwhile, I wish you lots of pleasant photo shoots.

Juliette, thank you so much and hopefully, till next time!

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