woensdag 9 oktober 2013

Beata 116 - 117

This fine portrait of beautiful Lady Beata in hat and very strong Zenni glasses concludes her wonderful photo shoot. Beata is the 48th Lady behind crystal veil.

Beata, the afternoon with you was pleasant from start to finish. It was interesting to see you selecting the glasses in the restaurant of the Strand Hotel. It's a pity that there was no video camera available. The selection process and your comments about the glasses would have made a fine documentary. Our choice for Bunratty Castle as location for the photo shoot was less than perfect but you made the best of it and the results were marvelous. I enjoyed the full gamut of posing you pulled out of the hat without any visual effort. The same goes for the posing in glasses way beyond your own mild prescription. The portraits testify to that and I deeply regret that only less than 20% of the 500 portraits taken came out sharp enough to be posted in this documentary. It was a great relief to me when you wrote that you liked the portraits.

Thank you for driving me all the way back to Limerick after an unplanned sightseeing trip through the south of Co. Clare after the photo shoot. You said beforehand that you are not a good driver but I noticed no flaws.

Another big compliment was already made in the narrative but it needs to be repeated here. You are a real lady of style and class. After seeing your great portfolio my hopes were high but I was not prepared for what you had in store during the photo shoot. It's safe to say that you surpassed yourself and I feel lucky that this happened in front of my humble camera.

Beata, I wish you a brilliant continuation of your career as a model and many, many gifted photographers!

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