woensdag 23 oktober 2013

Juliette 024 - 025

These vintage Nylor glasses were kindly given to me by Peter, a colleague at work. They had belonged to his mother who died young. Peter's father, now almost ninety, kept the house pretty much the way it was and several glasses of his late wife were kept in a dresser. The father kindly agreed to part with a couple of pairs when Peter told him about my photography project. Sincere thanks to both of them. It's great that these glasses now have a second life.

Half a century ago, there was no anti-reflective coating but the lenses in these Nylor glasses don't produce the usual heavy glare. It looks like Peter's mother had them fitted with modern lenses at a much later date, probably after an increase. The Rx is almost identical with the other pair of glasses used by Peter's mother. This is a pair made by Louis Jouret some 20 years after these Nylor glasses. My guess is that Peter's mother kept the Nylor glasses as a spare pair, in case of an emergency.

Big compliment to Juliette for her fine, natural posing.

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