donderdag 24 oktober 2013

Juliette 094

Formlenti were an invention of the late 1960's, meant as a more aesthetic alternative for the traditional myodisc glasses with a circular bowl. My collection only hosts a few of these extremely rare glasses and this strikingly beautiful pair by Christian Olivier stands out. The glasses have almost become a testing piece for models as they suit many faces. Everything about these glasses tells that their first owner was a lady of wealth and taste who went for "showing rather than hiding" her strong myopia of minus ten. The frame alone must have cost a small fortune and the lenses even more. High index lenses were already available when these glasses were made and it seems that the lady in question made a deliberate choice for Formlenti myodiscs. Minus ten is strong but not extreme so there was no compelling reason for her to wear myodisc glasses. My guess is that she did not like the power rings in the standard lenses. Whatever her motives, she made an excellent choice. The carrier lenses certainly add an element of glamour and luxury to these striking white glasses.

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