woensdag 23 oktober 2013

Juliette 008 - 010

In her profile as a freelance model. Juliette mentioned that she has a great interest in the vintage style of the 1940's and 1950's. When I saw her portfolio, she was in prescription glasses on all the portraits. In short, an obvious candidate for a photo shoot in vintage prescription glasses. After Juliette accepted my invitation for a photo shoot, I sent her some pictures of the glasses in my collection. Juliette immediately zoomed in on the antique pince-nez and face à main: "I can't wait to wear those!". And sure enough, neither of us was disappointed when she put them on. The lenses are -2.00 too strong but Juliette delivered a fine series as a young lady in face à main. The eye contact is great. Again, three versions of this portrait are posted for comparison.

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