woensdag 23 oktober 2013

Juliette 044

Whoever called these glasses "Flirt" after designing and manufacturing them deserves a medal. As was the custom of the time, the frame was available in orange for blondes and in this beautiful brown for brunettes. Opticians were more influential in the frame choice by their clients than nowadays. In 1970, I made the acquaintance of a lady with mild myopia who used the orange version of these "Flirt" glasses when watching television. Here Juliette shows the brown version of the "Flirt" glasses. The lenses are tinted and they always produce a lot of glare. Anti-reflective coating was a later invention. Avoiding excessive reflection in the lenses is the main reason why so many of these portraits were taken from almost identical vantage points. "Flirt" was another welcome find at the Amsterdam flea market during my early days as a collector.

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