donderdag 14 juli 2016

Miliswa 083

These trapezoid burgundy glasses were among my first orders from Zenni when I started the project in 2009. The black hipster style was just about to put an end to twenty years of dull. tiny retro frames and my early models really liked this striking burgundy frame. A dozen models posed in them, Carla being the very first. The glasses were fitted with -8.00 lenses but I also ordered a pair with the highest bifocal prescription that Zenni could supply. My life partner Nel once used these progressives at a lively 1970's swinging party. A special occasion was when identical twins Nathalie and Kimberley posed in the two identical burgundy pairs. More recently, Ghana born model Emma posed in these progressives during her second photo shoot in Germany and her classic "Bed of Roses" series made me select the burgundy glasses for the journey to Brighton, with Miliswa in mind.

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