donderdag 14 juli 2016

Miliswa 080

Frame choice is a highly individual process. Every optician can testify to that. Frame selection for a new photo shoot is a bit different as the model is not sitting next to me, unless she lives around the corner. A good preparation for a photo shoot abroad includes correspondence with the model about her PD, her prescription and also about her preference in frame styles. Many models are happy to try a large variety in frame styles but some models (especially when they wear glasses in daily life) are quite outspoken in their preferences. Nefeli in Athens and Cat in Paris went for the cat eye style. The great Sohaila in Dublin described what she wanted in the following terms: "Frames in the shops here are dull and boring. I want big, chunky frames. The chunkier, the better". And that's what she got.... It's always a rewarding moment when a model first sees the selection brought along to her photo shoot. And of course it's even more rewarding when most of the selected glasses really suit the model's face. The chunky greenish glasses shown here by beautiful Miliswa are an excellent example of such a moment of discovery and surprise. The better a model likes a particular pair of glasses, the better the results.

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