donderdag 14 juli 2016

Miliswa 081

Each photo shoot starts with a selection of glasses close to the model's own prescription so she can assess her looks in each pair with a hand mirror that always accompanies me in my travels. By contrast, the second part of a photo shoot is about stronger glasses and the model often has to rely on my opinion or the feedback given to her by a friend. The real assessment takes place when the model sees the photos.
The greenish glasses shown here by Miliswa are - in my opinion - a perfect match. The size is right, the unusual frame color works great and the shape of the frame neatly follows the shape of the model's eyebrows. This is why I felt on safe ground asking Miliswa to pose in a surprised way first, followed by a smile of recognition.
Miliswa had to handle these glasses with great care as the brittle frame has developed a crack. Travelling to six countries can be a bit much, even for Zenni glasses....

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