woensdag 20 augustus 2014

Farishta 725 - 726

Here's a bit of a novelty, showing the entirely different feel of plus (below) and minus glasses (above) on a young lady's face. I experimented with this effect in the photo shoot with identical twins Nathalie and Kimberley but this is the first time the same model shows the effect of fairly strong glasses for long sight and short sight in identical frames. See for yourself which version you prefer - it might have come out in a different manner with a longsighted model. Farishta has a minus six prescription and she is clearly more at ease with the minus glasses. The sweet little smile tells it all, even though the -8.00 lenses are too strong.
Last year, a young Irish model called Leah told me after the shoot that she would be getting her first pair of glasses within a week or so. Leah posed for me in both plus and minus glasses and after seeing the fruits of our work she wrote, "I hope I will get the plus glasses!". Her wish was fulfilled but of course, there is no way she could have changed things if her eye exam had come out different. My project is not just about frames, it's about the effect of lenses as well. Each prescription has its down sides but also its unique attractions and it's up to the lady in question to focus on the attractions and produce the best effect. Thank you so much, Farishta, for showing both attractions!

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