dinsdag 5 augustus 2014

Farishta 717 - 718

"Excuse me, Mr. Photographer, did I hear someone commenting on my poor eyesight?"
"Weird acoustical effects can happen on a university campus, dear Farishta. From my side of the tripod I heard voices whispering that you still are the one and only Mona Lisa in glasses!"
"Ah fine, that's settled then. Shall I remove these glasses and my contact lenses so that we can switch to your collection of new Zenni glasses? I'm sorry to report that I have only one pair of Zennis intact.... My little daughter is too young to understand that glasses are made for me to see her properly. She keeps hitting me in the face whenever I wear them! So I am really curious to see what you have in store for me"
"Brilliant idea, we'll do that. But let's take a break first and have a good chat"

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