dinsdag 30 september 2014

Sjoukje & daughter Battice 043

A thumb rule for photo shoots of ladies behind crystal veil goes as follows:
"The more a model likes a certain pair of glasses, the better the posing".
Sjoukje was immediately curious when she saw these nameless glasses in the box. The glasses were part of a quartet kindly sent to me by a young lady from Germany called Sylvia, a few years ago. Sylvia thought it would be a pity to throw her old glasses out so she offered them for the princely price of one Euro each. She had increase after increase so the glasses were of no use to her anymore. This was the earliest pair, from the days when she did not need to wear her glasses full time. This peculiar but stylish type of frame enjoyed a short-lived popularity in the late 1990's and early 2000's. At first sight it seems that the lowered straight line would be in the way but a young lady with an almost identical pair assured me that the glasses were quite comfortable to look through. When Sjoukje put the glasses on, she said the very same thing.
This is one of my favorite Sjoukje portraits in this photo shoot - a lady of wisdom and fine taste. The model's expression is superb and the hand with the elaborate ring has a beautiful effect. Thank you, Sjoukje!

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