maandag 29 september 2014

Sjoukje & daughter Battice 022

Glasses Sjoukje: Christian Dior 2085, early / mid 1980's
[L: +1.00; c+0.50 v / R: +1.00 / bif add 3.00]

Glasses Battice: Christian Dior, 1976 or 1977
[L: -7.00; c-1.00 o / R: -5.75; c-0.50 o]

Fine individual yet united posing, resulting in an excellent mother and daughter portrait. Both models were well aware that they were showing some of the best frames created by the famous house of Christian Dior during the revolutionary first decade of their glasses line. Sjoukje's glasses are a fine example of tasteful extravaganza. Battice's glasses were part of the first Dior series ever, a series of glasses that had a tremendous impact and set the standard for all designers of couture glasses.

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