dinsdag 30 september 2014

Sjoukje & daughter Battice 027

Glasses Battice: Silhouette 1045, made circa 1980
[L: 0.50 / R: -0.75]

Glasses Sjoukje: Silhouette 1405, made in 1995
[L: +0.75 / R: +0.50; c+0.25 h]

After posing in a couple of master pieces by Christian Dior, Sjoukje and Battice were keen to try some examples of the great design by the renowned Silhouette company from Austria as well. Silhouette started back in 1964 but they had their international breakthrough in the 1970's. Nowadays they specialize in discrete rimless frames. It's safe to say that Silhouette was in the same league as Christian Dior during the heyday of the large frames. My collection hosts over one hundred of Silhouette glasses. The company obligingly supplied data about the year of manufacture of two dozen glasses from my collection. Hat off for both models for their fine posing in Silhouette glasses!

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