maandag 29 september 2014

Sjoukje & daughter Battice 017

What does a concerned mother do when her daughter is upset for no apparent reason?

"Dear daughter, may I ask, what's bothering you? Can I help you out?"
"You said at the optician's that these glasses looked great on me. But they are stupid, STUPID!"
"New frames are always confusing because they are different from what you were used to see in the mirror. Believe me, you will really like them within a few days"
"That's no good for me today. I think they are stupid and I HATE those tinted lenses!"                          "My child, the optician said you need those tinted lenses for your headaches. I really need new glasses myself, see how outdated my old Lozza cat eye glasses are.... but I let you go first and there is no money for two pairs. Now be a good girl and let's have a cup of tea together"

Thank you, Sjoukje, for your initiative in this posing arrangement. Much appreciated!

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