dinsdag 14 februari 2017

Valentine special 073 - 075

This Valentine special would not be complete without a new model. These three pictures were taken today, on Valentine's Day. The lovely lady is called Patricia and she obligingly took a short break from her hectic job in the best fish stall at the weekly food and flower market in Enschede. A real Dutch "Molly Malone", cheerful Patricia is the perfect host for Hanini's stall and indeed for anyone who enjoys fish. The only complication was that it was time nor place to remove her contact lenses. So Patricia bravely coped with the massive blur in the red Valentine glasses (-8.00). Much to her relief, I had another Valentine pair with me. These glasses only arrived a few days ago and as you can see, they are more discrete than the red pair. The lenses in these metallic glasses are -5.50. Still a substantial prescription but Patricia found them more comfortable. I hope to do a full photo shoot with Patricia in spring or in the summer season - but not at work. Thank you, Patricia, much appreciated!

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