zondag 12 februari 2017

Valentine special 022 - 033

Christmas in Amersfoort.... There is often collateral damage when a long relationship has come to an end. Call it a loss of context. It was heartening when Nel's daughters decided to keep contributing to the photography project as well. Lucy participated in the catwalk at the opening of my exhibition in Germany (2011) and she subsequently did two excellent photo shoots for me in Amersfoort and in Amsterdam (2012). Lucy knew all about the up coming Valentine special and she delivered a great series with a twist of her own. After hearing the acting directions, she looked at the imaginary handsome man but then decided that a glass of red wine would add an element compatible with the Valentine theme. Nel filled two glasses of Gl├╝hwein, one for Lucy and one for herself so that they could toast when required. But instead of toasting straightaway, Lucy thought of another plan. Holding the glass of hot red wine like a microphone, she tried to produce steam on the lenses of the Valentine glasses. Unfortunately the lenses did not steam up enough for her to draw hearts on the steam and create a new Valentine image. So she proceeded with the toast and then discovered that the imaginary handsome man was still waiting for his turn. He was rewarded for his patience with several sweet kisses. But the story does not end here. Lucy reminded me last week that we had long planned to do a sister shoot. Lucy, I look forward to do that photo shoot with Mirjam and your good self!

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