zondag 12 februari 2017

Valentine special 056 - 063

The new photo shoot with Carla took place three weeks before Christmas. Two third of its output is now posted on my next weblog which is called "Gracious ladies behind crystal veil" and the other part will be posted there next week. When it was time for the Valentine glasses, Carla looked at the familiar heart shaped pillow on my sofa. Some of the very best pictures in her first photo shoot (2009) were taken with the same red pillow as it matched perfectly with a beautiful pair of blended myodisc glasses. Why not use the red pillow again? The first photo is all about repetition of heart shapes - the lips, the glasses and the pillow. Some extra editing was thrown in for a maximal effect. The series then returns to standard editing. Carla of course went for the acting part but departing spontaneously from the script, she divides her Valentine attention between the imaginary handsome man and her devoted photographer. The entire series is fantastic. Stunner looks and confident yet playful posing. And then that final moment of reflection about Valentine's Day.... Thank you, Carla!

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