zondag 12 februari 2017

Valentine special 001

The idea about doing a Valentine special for viewers of my weblog started with Julia, exactly one year ago. She was working in a shop that sold Valentine cards. It was Nel who suggested that we could send the biggest Valentine card in the shop to my daughter Daphne who just had an operation (breast cancer). There was only one giant Valentine card left, so I grabbed it and walked to the nice girl behind the counter to pay for the card. She said "Ah, there are only two giant cards left, is that correct?". I replied that this was the last card and noticed that she all of a sudden looked a bit sad. So I asked her if she had wanted the card herself. "Yes, but you can have it, I have no one to send it to anyway". My answer was "I can't change that for you right now. But I can do something that will give you a lot of exposure. And with a bit of luck, you may receive many Valentine cards next year". I paid her a compliment about her glasses, then told her briefly about the photography project and invited her to do a photo shoot. Julia immediately accepted the invitation. Some weeks after her photo shoot, I discovered a red heart shaped frame in the Zenni catalog and ordered it straightaway, fitted with -8.00 lenses. Julia kindly agreed to do some brief encore posing in the striking Valentine glasses.

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