zondag 12 februari 2017

Valentine special 002

The extravagant Valentine glasses soon traveled with me to every new photo shoot, both at home and abroad. I asked the models to squeeze them in during their photo shoot. To my delight, many of them volunteered to pose in the Valentine glasses. The way of posing was of course up to the models themselves. Some models preferred to pose in them the same way they posed in all the other glasses. But other models saw the joke in it and upon my request, they threw in a bit of acting. My suggestion to them was as follows:

"Imagine all of a sudden the most handsome man in the world is standing next to me, on my right hand side. Now it's up to you to draw his attention. Ignore me, please keep looking at him and throw in your best effort. Express how you feel about him and you may win his heart".

As you can see, Julia was among the models who went for the acting bit.

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