woensdag 14 januari 2015

Iris 357

This fine portrait of beautiful Iris posing in Pearle bifocals from the 1980's concludes her second photo shoot.

The famous poet Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) from Norway once wrote this:
"The spectacles of experience, through them you will see clearly a second time"
Ibsen's statement is a probably a metaphor but it's a good description of the second photo shoot with Iris. It's my experience that the second photo shoot is easier for a model than the first. The only inconvenient was the cold in the garden but a warm cardigan can do miracles.

Iris, once again it was a pleasure to do a photo shoot with you. We simply picked up the thread as if it was only yesterday. This time we concentrated even more on the large frames of the 1970's and 1980's as this style suits you by far the best. It was amazing to see you posing in eight pairs by Silhouette. You made each pair look as if they were your own glasses. In retrospect, we should have chosen for a photo shoot featuring only Silhouette glasses. That would have been a novelty in the project, Food for thought.

What impressed me most in your posing is the directness and credibility of your eye contact. The strength of the lenses seemed to have no influence on the quality of the eye contact. You even handled fairly strong cylinders with apparent ease and that is much harder to deal with than a wrong Rx. Your first photo shoot was excellent but this new shoot is even better.

(to be continued)

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