maandag 12 januari 2015

Iris 341

Concentrated posing by Iris in Sferoflex glasses from the 1980's with lenticular lenses. It has been a while since a pair of cataract glasses was featured in my photo shoots. It's quite difficult to take satisfactory pictures of models posing in cataract glasses. In fact, this is the first series ever that came out well. Several models (e.g. Farishta 141, Hiska 183, Marieke 076-077) volunteered to pose in cataract glasses but the vast majority of these early attempts only produced severely cross eyed looks. The models really looked handicapped and my photography project is not concentrating on that aspect. My target is to show that a lady can look good, even in very strong glasses. This series of Iris posing in cataract glasses may be a matter of luck with the PD of model and glasses.

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