vrijdag 9 januari 2015

Iris 269 - 270

These well worn but still magnificent drop temple glasses were sent to me by Stefan from Bavaria, one of my favorite photographers. His work with iconic model Sandra in projects like "Planet Myopia" was quite inspirational to me when I embarked on my own photography project. Another source of inspiration was Alain from Paris who still posts new photo shoots from time to time. Both photographers concentrated on myodisc glasses. My approach was and is different in that respect. This has to do with the scarcity of myodisc glasses but also with my attitude towards models. Right from the start, I made it a habit to have the models posing in glasses near their own prescription and save the "big guns" for the final part of the photo shoot. This enables model and photographer to get acquainted in a gentle manner. After a while, it's so much easier to make the jump to strong glasses and the navigation process required to get good portraits. And besides, many models prefer their looks in glasses with milder prescriptions. This is no criticism towards Stefan and Alain, just an explanation why I chose a different approach in my own work.

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