maandag 12 januari 2015

Iris 329

Silhouette Symphony, opus eight....
Here is an excellent portrait of Iris posing in the same frame 1145 as the previous series. The only difference is the size of the frame (135 here, 130 in the previous series) and the Rx of the lenses. These glasses were featured in only one preceding photo shoot, with a very pleasant freelance model called Bianca (050) in 2011. No doubt, this pair was made for an elderly lady, given the +2.75 reading add in her bifocals.
My photography project is not just about frames but also about the effect of prescription lenses.  If you compare these portraits with the previous series, you will notice a different "feel". The same gorgeous model, the same tasteful Silhouette frame.... but lenses of +3 have an entirely different effect than lenses of -3. It would be too simple to call it just a matter of eye size.
This portrait of was edited in black and white for a bit of additional nostalgia and also to highlight the wonderful posing by "Silhouette Lady" Iris.

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