maandag 9 december 2013

Lydia 090

A photo shoot in prescription glasses can be a bit static, especially if the model is showing some forty different pairs. So at this stage I invited Lydia to put on a pair of glasses and hold the next pair in her hands. Call it the beginning of a glasses relay ("estafette"). Lydia is wearing orange bifocals made by Metzler against 1970 and here she is using the reading sections to get a closer look at the next pair before switching glasses. The Metzler glasses only have a very mild Rx for long distance, just like Lydia's own prescription, so she could really use the reading sections to obtain an enlarged view of the next pair. One can easily imagine a lady customer in an optician's shop, needing her own glasses to make a proper assessment of the quality of a new pair of glasses. Great!

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