dinsdag 9 augustus 2016

Jade 173

This glossy edited capture marks the end of a photo shoot that will always bring a happy smile on my face. Jade is the 76th Lady behind Crystal Veil.

After her application for my casting call, Jade and I had a very effective email exchange which is often the hallmark of full time professional models. Jade enjoys 20/20 vision but she was interested in doing a photo shoot with me because it was clearly "something different".  Her portfolio was quite interesting. The pictures alternated between serious, beautiful posing and the sympathetic girl next door. I also noticed signs of actress quality. In short, an ideal mix for a photo shoot in prescription glasses. Another bonus was that Jade lives in Brighton and she knew one or two alternative locations in case of rain. She arrived well prepared for the photo shoot and we were in a lively conversation straightaway. When Jade started selecting the glasses with mild prescriptions, it struck me that she had a remarkably developed taste for frames. This payed off when the actual photo shoot went under way. The more a model likes a pair of glasses, the better the posing.
Looking through prescription lenses was of course an entirely new experience for Jade but she got the knack within ten minutes at most. It was interesting to hear her spontaneous comments on each new prescription. In retrospect, it was a smooth photo shoot in which all went by itself. It was a pleasure to work with such a cheerful model. Her posing and acting was second to none. None of this was lost when we made the switch from mild prescriptions to strong glasses. It was amazing how quick Jade adjusted herself to the blur she saw through the lenses. She managed not only a natural, credible eye contact but a great variety in expressions as well. Delightful, confident, sweet posing. And a very effective use of her hands and subtle hair variations. Spontaneity and cheerfulness contributed a lot to the results. Jade was the perfect ambassador showing girls and women that there is no reason for them to feel insecure about their strong glasses.
Lovely Jade took directions quite well but she also threw in lots of initiatives of her own. We were switching roles constantly and without any discussion. What we did was real team work with a great flow to it. Jade clearly enjoyed every bit of what she was doing and the photos testify to that.
Thank you, Jade for a wonderful afternoon with excellent results, a great atmosphere and lots of "craic" as the Irish put it. I wish you a happy, successful continuation of your modelling career!

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