donderdag 4 augustus 2016

Jade 083

"Like this?"

"Absolutely perfect. You look natural and quite credible, just as if you can see all the details of the Royal Pavilion"

"Well, in a way I can see them. I know every detail about the place"

"That's how it works. People with strong myopia are well able to walk without their glasses on, as long as everything is in the right place and nothing else happens"

"That makes sense. No fast moving objects or sudden changes"

"Exactly. Some people with high myopia are well able to swim without glasses. All they have to do is take a good look around and memorize the colours of the objects on the beach before they walk to the sea. My own lady wears much stronger glasses than these and she walks straight back towards me after going for a swim. The first time I saw her do that, I could not believe my own eyes. And then she explained how she did it. People with high myopia have a sort of radar of their own, especially when it was discovered quite late that they were badly in need of glasses. They have subconsciously learned how to deal with the increasing blur. People with mild or moderate myopia are often much more helpless without their glasses on"

"Now what's next?"

"What about another pair of pink glasses with the same prescription?"

"Why not, now that I've got the knack"

The dialogue above is fictional. In reality, lovely Jade needed no long discussion to produce this marvelous series. Hat off for Jade!

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