vrijdag 13 maart 2015

Nadya 005

The young lady turned round and looked at him in a slightly confused manner. She did not speak. Apparently she was waiting for an explanation. He got the impression that her eyes were not in focus behind the lenses.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lord Lentilux and I'm an inventor. I could not help noticing your beautiful Nina Ricci glasses. They look great on you. I hope you will accept this well meant compliment and I will leave you in peace"

Much to his surprise, the young lady took off her glasses and said

"My aunt used to wear these glasses long ago and I got them as a keepsake after she died. They are far too strong for me and I only use them when I want to contemplate. It goes easier when I can't see any details"

"Many shortsighted performers don't wear glasses or contacts on stage for the very same reason you just mentioned"

"Are you a stage performer yourself? You seem to be quite knowledgeable about performing. And about glasses as well"

"I have been a singer and performer for most of my life. And yes, I know a lot about glasses"

"You sound like a man with many talents. You introduced yourself as an inventor. May I ask, what kind of things did you invent?"

"It may sound odd but I have a collection of magic glasses. I can give people flexible eyesight if they are interested and follow my instructions with great care"

The young lady looked at him in an amused manner and said

"That sounds quite interesting. A bit weird, too. My aunt was as blind as a bat without her glasses. Are you seriously telling me that I could see everything clear through her glasses?"

"Probably not, unless I can change them into magic glasses. But the trick does not always work and I'm still trying to find out why"

"Do you have those magic glasses with you?"

"Yes, some of them. They are in this small suitcase"

"And what happens if I put one of your magic glasses on?"

"Your eyes will adapt to the lenses within fifteen seconds and you can see everything clear through the glasses"

"And what happens if I take your glasses off?"

"Within a few seconds, your eyes will change back to what they were before"

"Go away. That sounds like science fiction. Are you serious?"


The young lady looked at him for a while. Then she smiled and said

"I'm a bit shortsighted. Can you cure that for me?"

"No, I'm afraid that's still beyond my powers"

The young lady observed him again and then said

"You made me curious about those magic glasses. Can I try a pair?"

"Of course you can. I am on holidays with Lady Lentilux but she just went shopping and that always takes her a few hours. But you may not have enough time for the experience"

"I am an ambitious girl so I'm always busy. But not today. By the way, my name is Nadya"

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