vrijdag 13 maart 2015

Nadya 002

The eccentric Lord Lentilux spent a week with his Lady Nel on the beautiful island of Cyprus. Good for their sun tan, good to be away from the cold in their native Lowlands of Holland.
One day, Lady Lentilux suggested that it might be a good idea to visit Limassol and see if the shops had anything to her liking. His Lordship often accompanies his Lady during her shopping exploits but they already spent a good shopping day in Nicosia so the couple decided to split up for a few hours. Lord Lentilux decided to walk towards the Old Port and enjoy the view of the luxurious boats in the harbor. The weather was perfect for a sightseeing trip.
After a few minutes at the Old Port, an interesting sighting caught the attention of his Lordship. A beautiful young lady, apparently lost in thoughts, looking at the boats and the skyline of the harbor. He saw her back, an abundance of long hair with a touch of chestnut, and what might be a classic pair of Nina Ricci glasses. Being a gentleman, Lord Lentilux prefers to avoid voyeurism but this time his curiosity was stronger than his good manners. He observed the young lady and gradually stepped closer. Yes, definitely Nina Ricci glasses with a prescription for short sight. The young lady did not notice him.

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