vrijdag 2 mei 2014

Nostalgia 064 : Nel

This series of recently edited portraits from my early photo shoots is called "Nostalgia" but here it was already an apt description on the day when this photo was taken. Nel and I spent a weekend in the rural area where she was born and raised. After the death of her father, the farm was sold and this portrait was taken during our final visit. Here Nel is posing in blended myodisc glasses made by Nigura in the early 1990's. The Rx of the lenses is -18 and -19 but the discrete frame reduces many of the special effects particular to blended myodisc glasses. The first owner of the glasses was a German lady and whoever she was, the lady made an excellent choice. Nel has a prescription of minus twelve so she saw everything in a blur, yet she manages a natural, credible eye contact with her court photographer.

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