woensdag 17 juni 2015

Nel 500

Peekaboo.... Another example of fine posing by Lady Nel in striking cat eye glasses. Zenni is always good at picking up new trends, adding a touch of their own. Her renewed acquaintance with the cat eye style inspired Nel to select a classic lavender pair of cat eye glasses for use in daily life. The frame was ordered from Zenni and then sent to ciliaryblue in England to be fitted with progressive lenses. Anyone interested in keeping lots of money in his or her pocket is recommended to give ciliaryblue a try. Their lenses cost about a third of what you pay in a shopping mall and the quality is second to none. When the lavender cat eye glasses arrived, Nel and I were surprised how thin the 1.74 progressive lenses were - only five millimeters and barely sticking out of the frame. The glasses look as if they are only minus six instead of minus twelve. Nel is getting tons of compliments about her new cat eye glasses. Needless to say, the search is now for outfits that match the frame color and style. A polka dot dress from a rockabilly shop would be great - if we can find one in lavender which seems to be out of sync in 2015.

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