dinsdag 16 juni 2015

Nel 496

Night photography was not something I had in mind when my project started in 2009. The first time I gave it a try was on Bray Beach, Ireland in 2013, due to logistic problems. My schedule was already full when a reaction arrived from a great model (Simona) so we decided to arrange an evening shoot on the beach. Even till this day I consider the final part of that photo shoot (in pitch dark) one of the very best that ever came out of my humble camera. With this in mind I suggested to Nel that we might try our chances on the terrace of a closed restaurant. We both felt naughty invaders when we arrived at the terrace but it was just a brief shoot so why not? The only witnesses were half a dozen wild cats and they were too busy with their peer group to pay any heed to us and the camera.

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