vrijdag 25 april 2014

Nostalgia 001 - 006 : Lettie

After posting the documentaries of the photo shoots done last year with models from Ireland, it was time for some retrospection. I started editing a year ago to do justice to the wonderful posing of star model Sohaila and then expanded the editing work to all the models after her photo shoot. Wouldn't it be a nice challenge to edit some of the early material and do justice to these models as well?

Lettie was one of three models who posed for me on April 17th, 2010 and she really did a magnificent job. So here are six portraits of Lettie posing in classic myodisc glasses made over fifty years ago. Four of these portraits were first posted on my first weblog (Lettie 153 - 156) but the two other portraits had to be left out because of the excessive glare in the lenses. The newly edited photos are shown here in sepia for a nice nostalgic touch. Here Lettie comes close to the ladies I saw in the Amsterdam of my childhood when contact lenses were not available. Most of these ladies in myodiscs seemed to be quite shy when they felt that someone was watching them. I soon realized this and avoided long eye contact but the images of these ladies always stayed with me, long after myodisc glasses had disappeared from the streets. The Rx of the lenses is -17.00 for the model's left eye and -14.00 for her right eye. The glasses were bought at the "Waterlooplein" flea market (Amsterdam) during the early 1970's. Edited material from some of my other early photo shoots will be posted soon.

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