maandag 2 november 2015

Emma 266

This fine portrait of beautiful Emma in black Zenni glasses marks the end of her wonderful photo shoot. Emma is the 65th Lady behind Crystal Veil.

A word of thanks goes to Joe for his kindness during the preparatory talk about this photo shoot and the concept behind it.

Emma, making your acquaintance was an amazing experience and the same goes for the photo shoot. You are a raven beauty and excellent company but it takes more than that to deliver a good photo shoot in prescription glasses. Intelligent adaptation based on trust is perhaps the best way to describe one of the key factors during the start of a photo shoot. The entire process was a new experience but you took directions quite well without losing a part of your unique personality. What struck me especially was that you are life wise for your age. This intangible quality became more and more visible when you got into your stride as a model.
Other key words are motivation, an open mind and a capability to use "introspection" when it came to posing in strong glasses way beyond your mild prescription. Gradually you opened and widened a whole gamut of poses and expressions that were clearly not "acting" but an integral part of who you are. There was concentration, dignity and an element of pride, but your spontaneity was never far away. And your radiating smile could make an iceberg melt.
It came as a major surprise to me to witness a clear element of anticipation from your side after changing glasses. Just as if you felt instinctively what mood was needed to highlight each new pair of strong glasses. A perfect example is the contrast between both series with two quite different pairs of burgundy glasses at the bed of roses in Epe. Some ladies twice your age have several pairs of glasses and they select the pair of the day with great care, depending on the tasks that lay ahead. You did exactly the opposite at the bed of roses. Your role was basically the same in both glasses but you managed to put a strong emphasis on the characteristics of both the sturdy pair and the delicate pair. The most remarkable is that you managed this in a massive blur created by strong lenses, without an opportunity to assess your looks in a hand mirror. Some people are called mind readers. You are a glasses reader. I have never met anyone with this instinctive ability.
You confided to me that you hate glasses in daily life, wearing them only when it's really necessary. It speaks for your open mind that you accepted the challenge to do a photo shoot in prescription glasses. Posing as a "lady behind crystal veil" implies an ambassador role for glasses. You fulfilled that role in a brilliant way.
To quote a line in a well known Irish ballad:
"Grasp your nettles tightly, though it will burn".
Inviting an unknown young lady at a terrace to do a photo shoot is not a part of my daily repertoire. Looking back, I'm glad that I jumped over my own shadow and grabbed my courage together to invite you. And then you jumped over your own shadow when it came to glasses.... My advice is: keep hating your glasses :).
Dear Emma, you are a gem! Thank you so much for your unique contribution to this unconventional project. May life bring you health, happiness, the fulfillment of everything you aspire and dream of - and more....

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